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Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy is an independent private practice based in Cavan town.

At Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy , we have a passion for helping children. 

We feel all children deserve the best support available so they can enjoy life to the full. Occupational Therapy is about enabling children and young people to reach their full potential and participate as fully as possible in everyday life.

A child's occupation is to play and learn and when this is effected we see an impact on their development, independence and how they feel about themselves. 



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Why Choose Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy?

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Your child comes 1st

Our Child & Family Centred approach means our assessments and interventions focus on what your child wants to be able to do, rather than things they cannot do.

Oh, and we have a little fun too!



We want to empower you with a Can-Do attitude. We want to support, guide & mentor you through the journey.

We aim to give you the skills & knowledge to support your child's daily needs. 


WE ARE experienced

We have 10 years experience working with children from 0-18 with a wide range of difficulties. So we understand the strain on your child & family life when a child is struggling. With our knowledge & expertise, we have what it takes to help.


Our Occupational Therapy Services

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For a lot of parents knowing where to start and what to do is the hardest step in the journey to helping support your child.

We all want the best for them, that's why this consultation allows you to come along and chat to a skilled therapist in a relaxed, non judgemental manner so we can help unfog the brain a little.

A consultation gives you the chance to discuss your child's strengths and difficulties to ascertain if an assessment is needed. You will leave with some strategies, top tips and activity suggestions to try.


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The prospect of assessments can not only be daunting for the child but also the parent. Am I doing the right thing? What actually happens at an assessment?

With our Child & Family Centred approach, we tailor our assessments specifically to each child's needs using our full range of standardised and non-standardised assessments.




























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We may feel following assessment that your child would benefit from some 1:1 therapy input to focus on certain skills. 

Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy encourage you and your child to set the therapy goals. We feel this is so important for the child not only to feel like they are in control but also to give them the motivation to engage in the sessions.

What child doesn't like to be the boss of us? And whats more, we aim to make all the sessions as fun as possible.  We  use a wide range of specialised interventions to help meet your child's therapy goals, through the use of various toys and games. 



Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy have experience at running a wide range of classes & workshops for parents, teachers and education staff and support groups. 

Please get in touch if there are any specific classes that you would like to see available.

Once we get an idea of how much interest there is, we can start to roll them out. 





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Here at Cavan Children's Occupational Therapy we appreciate that some children find school based activities challenging. We feel working collaboratively with Teachers & Schools produces the best results for the child.

We have extensive experience working closely with schools, offering School Visits for Parents as well as Training & Workshops for Teachers.

I can’t recommend Marie highly enough. Marie was my rock and aid I needed when we were struggling with Shea’s sensory needs at home and couldn’t avail of services.

I can’t thank Marie enough, her approach, skills and insight are amazing. She is very confident and her desire to help children is admirable.

Over the last few years she has provided me with the right information and advice to transform my boy’s life and help him with his sensory issues and sleep patterns.

Thank you again for such professional service with a welcoming and caring approach.
— Kim, A Loving Mammy
Feeling overwhelmed & frustrated, we were referred to Marie and have seen our circumstance take a turn for a better.

Marie took the time to connect with Evan and relate with him on a 1:1 basis. She was compassionate & empathetic; listening to us & learning about Evan as an individual, his struggles, abilities and identified areas where Occupational Therapy would help.

As his parent it was important that I felt connected and I was very comfortable opening up to Marie.

We can honestly say that we have seen a positive change in Evan.

Marie is a fantastic Occupational Therapist and I would highly recommend her services to all who are lucky enough to avail of them.
— Claire, A Loving Mammy

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